The Series Of Mystery Case II: Trapped In A Video Game

Level 1

One morning Jack, Jill and All were watching TV. They were watching their favorite channel, Mystery Channel. Then a commercial came up. It said: “ Are you looking for a new video game that is very addicting. Well we have one just for you. It is called: GET OUT QUICK! Six levels, hours of fun. Beat Dr. Glasshead and don’t let him take over the world. So come on down to R’ Toys and get your GET OUT QUICK! Today”! So, the kids went to R’ Toys and was looking for the video game. When they went inside they saw a weird looking dude. It looked like Dr. Glasshead from the video game. He had a button in his head by a Wii with the video game inside it. He pushed the button, and then Jack, Jill and All got sucked into the video game.

When they got in, Dr. Glasshead was also with them. Then, he started to speak. “ Hello Jack, Jill and All. Welcome to GET OUT QUICK! Lets see if you can solve this mystery. You need to get through all six levels in 3 hours. After the final level you will have to stop me from ruling the world. If you don’t complete it in three hours, you will be stuck forever! So are you ready. Lets begin!” When they were walking they came across a fire pit. They needed to find a way across.

Then inside the kid’s pockets was a rope. What would they do with a rope? They looked around and saw a pole with a hook. They tied the rope to the hook and jumped across. When they got across they saw three little trolls with spikes coming from their heads and breathes fire. They needed to kill them. So they were talking about what they should do. All decided we could…

A robot head pepped out of no wear. The guys from R’ Toys showed up on the screen. They said; “ You guys got through the fire easily, but it wont be easy to defeat the trolls. So I’m giving you an option. I am going to tell you three things that we can give you, but you can only choose one. Your choices are ice freezer, invisibility or a cupcake.” “We want the invisibility,” said Jill. “Ok. You will have it in 30 minutes.” 30 minutes sounded like a long time, but they just took away 30 minutes from their three hours. Now they have 2 hours and 30 minutes left. So they put it on, which was actually a coat. So they snuck behind the three little trolls and kicked them very hard. Then, the kids came to the end of the level, but now its time for the boss. It was Dr. Glasshead with bombs coming from his vehicle. They need to avoid the bombs and kick his vehicle until it breaks.  Then, when they were trying to kick Dr. Glasshead’s vehicle he Jill got hit with it and fell down. One thing they didn’t know that they had lives. They all start out with nine lives.

So Jack has nine, All has nine and Jill has eight. Then everything froze and so did the time. Then, the robot head showed up again with the video game guys. They said; “ So Jill has got killed and has only eight lives. We forgot to tell you this in the beginning, but when you loose all your lives you are done for good. You will not get out because you will be DEAD! So don’t loose all your lives. Now go ahead and beat the level 1 boss and get to level 2. Actually we have some things that might help you, but only choose one of these three items. A lazar gun, long legs or a hot dog.

They all wanted the really long legs because they think it will be easier to reach him and kick him. Excellent choice. But when you complete the boss you will no longer have the long legs o invisibility because it is only useful for level one. Let the game continue.”

So Jack, Jill and All use their long legs and invisibility coat. They snuck up behind him, took of the coat and kicked the vehicle really hard until it breaks. “One… Two…. Three…. Four…. Five…. Six… Seven…

We did it!” said the kids. “We made it past level one!” The door too level 2 was right in front of them. They opened up to continue their game.


Level Two



As they went through the door they saw a really tall building. They had to destroy it, but there was only one problem. Every time they tried to kick it, nothing happened. The robot head showed up again. The people from the video game company showed up again. They said; “You made it past level one and now you are at level two. You see a building and you will need something to help you. So we have two things that might help you. Remember you can only choose one. Your choices are: super strength or super speed.”

The kids wanted super strength. Ten minutes gone buy and now only has two hours and 23 minutes to complete the game. So they used the super strength to lift up the building. They smashed it on the ground, and then it broke.

They were walking for two minutes and came across something. They found an extra time tablet. It would give them extra time. The game and time froze again and the robot showed up again and the people showed up again. They said; “You had just found an extra time tablet. You can use it if you want more time to the game. You will get an extra hour. You have two hours and twenty-one minutes. If you use the tablet, you will have three hours and twenty-one minutes to your game. So do you want to use it?”

The kids said yes. So they got an extra hour and the game continued.

Now they came across a maze. They didn’t know which way they needed to go. So then they split up. Jack took the path on the right, Jill took the one in the middle and All took the one on the right. Five minutes later All had found the right way to go. She called Jill and Jack. When they exited the maze they saw a basketball court with a guy inside.

They went inside and the guy spoke to them. “ Welcome! To get past me and to continue level two of your game you will have to beat me in a three on one. First one to five wins. If you beat me, then you can continue your game, but if I win you will have to start all the way to the beginning of level two. So are you ready. Let the game BEGIN! The game was really rough. Jack, Jill and All were on a roll. The score was 4-4 in twenty minutes. The winner of the basketball game was Jack, Jill and All! They got to continue the game. They came to the end of level two where the boss was. The time they have left is two hours and fifty-seven minutes. The boss was harder this time because the floor moves. There was fire underneath the floor and if they fell in they will lose a life. So All has nine, Jill has eight and Jack has nine.

It was the same thing. The kids need to hit his vehicle seven times. So they started to hit it. All was on one of the moving floors and fell into the fire and lost a life. Now she has seven. Then Jill was on one of the moving floors and he also fell, but not in the fire. He actually hit the vehicle.

One… Jack did the same thing too. Two…. Three…Four…Five…. Six. One more and All did a very big hit. SEVEN. “Level Two completed!” said Jill. The door to level three was right in front of them. Their time left was two hours and forty-two minutes. Now they are going to have a surprise in level three.


Level Three

Level three was all about ice cream. It is going to be really fun. They need to eat all the ice cream until reach the level four door. Right now, they have 2 hours and 31 minutes to go. So they started to eat. While they were eating they saw another tablet. It was another extra time tablet. They wanted to use it. This one will give twenty minutes. Now they have two hours and fifty-one minutes. They kept eating until they saw the robot head again.

“ Good job guys. You made it all the way up to level three. Now I have something that might help you complete this level. I have a long tongue, super speed and a cupcake. But when you eat the cupcake half of the ice cream will be gone.” The kids wanted the cupcake. Jack, Jill and All were all fighting to see who eats the cupcake. Jill decided we all take a bite. They each took a bite and lasers came out of nowhere.

All got hit a bunch of times, six times to be exact. Now she only has one life left. “ Oh No All! You have one life left. You need to find an extra life tablet or you will get a game over.” They looked around and couldn’t find anything. They needed to get rid of that vehicle that is shooting the lasers first. They threw rocks at it. Then Jack had just figured something out; “ We just hit a vehicle seven times that shot lasers, right! I think that was the boss cause’ I looked very closely and saw Dr. Glasshead. So we just did the boss of the level. So guys, lets finish level three and get to level four. The kids were ¾ away from the door.  Ten minutes later they had reached another tablet. It was an extra life tablet. They wanted to give it to All but it started acting all weird. It turned into an animal and attacked All. Then she lost her last life. “NO!!!!!!!!!!! ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well she’s gone, FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!” Jack and Jill cried. She really wasn’t dead. It was just a trick. So she got sent out of the game and to the store. So Jack and Jill finished all the ice cream. So they finished. The door looked really weird. It was very small. “Why is it small?” Jill asks. So they opened it and saw that everything was weird in level four.


Level Four


The door leads them to “The Land Of Oz”. To complete this level they had to do everything in the book and movie. So first they met the munchkins. The munchkins told them to get to the boss they had to stay on the yellow sidewalk. The boss is at Evilstoplis. (It will be kind of different then the movie and book) So they started walking on the yellow sidewalk. The time they have left is 2 hours and 15 minutes. They were talking about All. “I sure miss All. Said Jill. Me too. Said Jack. While they were walking they saw a scarecrow. The scarecrow said; “A little please. I’m a scarecrow. I heard you are on your way too Evilstoplis. Well I want something too. A brain. Can I come with you?” Jack and Jill said yes. 15 minutes later they came across…

A tin man. The tinamn ask to come along and ask Dr. Glasshead for a heart. They said yes. They said the same thing for the lion too. The lion wants humor. So Jack, Jill, the scarecrow and the tin man kept on walking on the yellow sidewalk. A lot of obstacles came out of no wear. So they tried to avoid them. Jack got hit and lost a life. He now has seven. Not only that but they also loose time. From 2 hours to 1 hour and 45 minutes. They were running out of time and they are not even on the final level yet. 10 minutes later they saw Evilstoplis. They went inside and Dr. Glasshead said; “Ah. I see you made it to Evilstopolis. Lets see SCAREROW… what is your wish.” “ I want a brain.” He said. “ Ah. Ok. BOOM! Now you have a brain. Who’s next? Hmmmmm. TINMAN! Your next what do you want?” “ A heart.” He said. “BOOM! Ok. Now you have a heart. LION! Your next.” I want humor.” “Hmmm. Ah. Here’s a riddle book. NEXT! Ah. Jack and Jill. I see you made it to the end of level four. Lets see if you can beat me while I fly. The game froze again and the robot head showed up again. “ So you reached the end of level four and your have an hours and a half left. So to beat the boss you can either have a flying suit, a cupcake or jumping springs.” They chose the flying suit. The robot went away and the game continued. They went up into the air and kicked the vehicle. One… They need to hit is six more times. Two…. The vehicle kicked Jack really hard and he lost three lives. Now he has four lives left and Jill still has nine. Jill had Jack take a break. Jill kept on kicking him. Three… Four… Five…. Six…Seven… The vehicle crashed and the door to level five showed up. The door looked weird also almost it looked like a metal door.


Level Five


The metal door leads them to a rocket ship. The game froze once again. The robot head came again and said: “ You made it to level five. Good job. On the next level you will be at the final level. So I bet your wondering why you are at a rocket ship. Well you will go up into space. Dr. Glasshead will be on one of these planets: Mars, Neptune, Venus or Uranus. But be careful. Their will be UFO’s up there and if it shoots you with the laser you will lose three lives and you will also loose twenty minutes of your time, but you don’t want to do that because you have 1 hour and 15 minutes left. Ok. Get in. Lift of in 10… 9… 8… 7… 6… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… BLAST OFF! The first place they need to visit is Mars. They landed and searched around the planet. Jack and Jill found a Mars rover. Jill turned it on and a note popped out. It read:

So I see you’re on Mars. Well guest what. I’m not there. I might be on Neptune, but you will have to see for yourself.


Jack and Jill got back on the rocket ship and went to Neptune. Then, they saw the UFO’s. The laser was pointing at them and shot them. We didn’t loose any lives but we did loose twenty minutes. No they only have 55 minutes left. They were speeding up. They landed on Neptune. They were looking around until they saw something that looked like a door on the ground. They opened up and saw a sign. It said: Short Cut To Dr. Glasshead. They went down and they were on Uranus. Dr. Glasshead was getting harder to beat on every level. So they started hitting his vehicle. One… Two… Three… Four… Five…

His vehicle started getting bigger. The game froze again and the robot showed up. The people said: “ You are on the boss level on level five and you only have 50 minutes left. So I’m not giving you and choices. I’m going to give you growing power. Finish the game before it is to late.

They hit the vehicle two more times with the growing power. 6…7!! They finished level five and off to the final level. It will be very hard for them to complete this level. So lets see if they will go or stay. The door popped out and opened the door.



Final Level



The door led them to a game board. It didn’t have a name. It looked easy, but its not. For two reasons. One, it has a lot of lose a turn spaces and go backspaces and two; they only have 45 minutes left. So lets see if they will make it.

The game started. It was Jack’s turn first. He rolled the dice and got a three. So he moved three spaces. His spot said: Move ahead three spaces. Not it said to go back two spaces. He didn’t need to do what the space told him to do. Now it was Jill’s turn he rolled and got a six. He moved six spaces. He had nothing to do. Two turns later the game froze. The robot head showed up again. The people said: “ You made it to the final level of the game. Now you know the last five levels at the end when you had to defeat Dr. Glasshead? Well throughout the level you will have to beat him. But you better hurry you have a half hour left. The game continued and it was Jack’s turn. He rolled a five. His space said to loose a turn. Dr. Glasshead showed up with a freeze ray.  Jack and Jill needed to defeat him. They tried to steal the freeze ray, but Dr. Glasshead’s vehicle got bigger. Jack hit the vehicle seven times and Jill grabbed the freeze ray. One… Two… Three… Four… Five…. Six. Seven. The vehicle broke and Jill smashed the freeze ray on the ground. They continued to play the game. Jill rolled the dice and he got a two. He moved two spaces. It said: “OH. To bad. You don’t loose a turn, you loose time. HA HA HA!’ From 30 minutes they now have 20 minutes. It was Jacks turn now. Ten minutes later they had come to the end of the game. They each had one more turn, but they only have ten minutes left. After they each took their turn, it was time for the final boss. This time the boss breathes fire, shoots laser and if 30 feet tall! They don’t know if they will defeat this boss since they have only ten minutes left, but they will give it a try. The game froze and the robot head showed up again. “ CONGRADUATIONS! You made it to the final boss. I will give you a choice of what you can use to defeat him. We have a freeze ray…” “Wait!” said Jill. “I still have that… Oh never mind. We will take that freeze ray. The game continued and Jack and Jill tried to hit Dr. Glasshead with the freeze ray, but when he did it he came from 30 feet tall to 40 feet tall. So he did it again and grabbed him. He smashed the ice and hit his vehicle seven times. One… Two… Three… Four… Five… Six… Seven! They did it they completed the game with three minutes to spare. They got back to the store and the people congratulated them. “Good job Mystery Case and I have a surprise for you. All! It turned out Dr. Glasshead was lying to you if you loose all your lives you will be gone for good. So your safe and she’s safe. They had liked their day today and can’t wait till their next mission.



The End





The Series Of Mystery Case I: The Toy Factory

This book is the first book of the series “The Series of Mystery Case”. Join some new friends named Jack, Jill and All working together solving mysteries. For there first mystery, something is going on in the toy factory. Find out what’s going on and hope they will solve it.

One day three people named Jack, Jill and All went to the toy factory. They saw lots of cool toys. At 8:55, five minutes before they were closing everyone went home except for Jack, Jill and All.  Everything was acting all weird. All of the toys were all coming to life. They ran out of the store and talked. “What do you thinks going on”? Said Jack. “We don’t know”? Said Jill and All. “Maybe we should work together and find some clues.” Said All. So they all went back to the toy store and started to look for clues. Then Jill found a note. It said:

Hello, Jack, Jill and All. I’m not telling you my name, but I will give you a hint of where a clue is and how to solve the mystery.  Go to the Lego section and open the airplane Lego box. Inside you will find a piece of paper. That will be your next clue. That is all I’m going to tell you. Bye.

So they went to the Lego section, but they saw all kinds of airplane lego’s. They looked at the note again very closely. It said the blue Lego airplane. They found the Lego and open up the box. They found another note. It said to try the rest on your own. So they split up to see what was going on. Ten minutes later All was looking around when all the toys came to life again. She looked behind the toys and found a remote. “ Why is there a remote behind these toys? Maybe someone was controlling it and ran off.” She said. She went back and told the others. They all sticked together to see if someone else was in the toy factory. Then, they saw a shadow. The kids went over there and found someone. They called 911. The police showed up and thanked the kids. After the mystery was solved, they talked about their day. The decided to come up with a name since they love solving mysteries now. Jill decided: Mystery Case. They all liked that name and can’t wait for their next mission.